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This illustrated book aims to give a clear and accessible overview of strategic foresight. In short paragraphs it provides a precise overview of the main concepts to make the reader familiar with foresight thinking. It contains a series of excercises, a systematic method to work with foresight and get results in a short timeframe. Lastly, the book addresses how to use foresight in the organization.

Download here the free illustrated e-book that I wrote with Peter Bishop (Houston University, Teach the Future). It combines our understanding of strategic foresight, and how to use it in practice. Short paragraphs, easy to follow language, hand made illustrations, a useful set of exercises and a reading list. 

In half a day, I can teach you the principles of strategic foresight. And work on your strategic question, using the systematic exercise framework expained in the book. Together we work towards tangeable results. As a team, you can get 40 hours of work done in just 4 hours. 

What the experts say

I love this little book and can use it with clients as an intro. Thank you for writing it, keeping it short, and making it so visual.

— Cindy Frewer, Architect and urban futurist, chair APF 

Love the illustrations, Freija — and the clear way you’ve described key concepts in our field. A wonderful contribution — thank you so much for sharing 🙂

— Liz Alexander, Futurist

Wonderful and lovely. This is a great tool help undergraduate, secondary school students and the public in to understand foresight!
Drawing pictures is a great idea.

— June Lo, Futurist

Absolutely beautiful, Freija and Peter!  Congratulations and thanks.

A great companion to
Richard A. K. Lum (Kaipo Lum), 4 Steps to the future: A Quick and Clean Guide to Creating Foresight (2016)
and also to
Jennifer Gidley, The Future: A very short introduction, Oxford University Press, 2017
— Jim Dator, University of Hawaii

Thank you Freija,
that is an excellent summary, apt to divulge and open up what can otherwise  sound so cryptic.
Graphics are also of great aid.

— Valentina Doorly, Futurist